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Clinical Recruitment Solutions provides a service providing highly qualified medical personnel opportunities to work within the National Health Service in the U.K. In order to do this successfully, Clinical Recruitment Solutions needs to collect information about you; this makes Clinical Recruitment Solutions a ‘Data Controller’.

As a Data controller, Clinical Recruitment Solutions is committed to providing you with clear and accessible information, and your rights in relation to this. These rights apply to living individuals who are identifiable from the data, often referred to as data subjects.

Whats happening
The legislation that governs how we look after personal data has recently changed. The Data Protection Act 1998 (a)(DPA) came into force around 20 years ago, and until recently it governed how the personnel data (b) that we process is managed; this means activities such as Collection , recording, organisation, storage, adaptation, alteration, retrieval, use, consultation , transmission, sharing and erasure. This was the case until 25th May 2018
Developments in technology have changed how information about individuals ( ‘data subjects’ (d) ) is used. As such , the DPA had become outdated and no longer reflected these technological developments or the needs of the day subjects . On 25th May 2018 , the General Data Protection Regulation (e) ( GDPR) replaced the DPA, aiming to Standardise the data protection requirements placed upon organisations operating within the European Union (EU) and organisations provident services to EU citizens.

The Data Protection Bill (DPB) will work alongside the GDPR, and will ensure that the terms of the GDPR are adopted in the UK after Brexit. It is undressed that the DPB will become the UK’s new data protection legislation and will most likely be down as the Data Protection Act 2018 after the UK leaves the EU.

Clinical Recruitment Solutions has appointed a Data Protection Officer, who is tasked with monitoring how Clinical Recruitment Solutions protects and uses your information. Should you require any further information on any of the following sections, feel free to contact us;

Telephone : 00 44 7398 257 912

E mail :

1. What we collect, why and how it’s used
2. Sharing your information
3. Consequences of failing to provide data.
4. International transfers
5. How long do we keep your information.
6. Lawful processing
7. Your information rights

Unless otherwise stated , all references related to GDPR:
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